If you can spend an hour a day at the gym, prepare meals with perfectly proportioned nutrients, and recover properly with a full night’s sleep, then the advice you get with a Google search will do.

If you have young kids, however, you most likely are sleep deprived, spend more time cleaning food from the floor than measuring it, and when you manage to carve out a few minutes to work out, you’re interrupted every two minutes.

That is why parents with young children need advice that is 10 times more efficient and effective. We need to accomplish as much while a bottle is warming as others accomplish in 10 minutes on the treadmill.
As the Super Busy Mommy Coach, I am committed to providing innovative solutions to the practical obstacles moms face. My programs get moms in the best shape of their lives, while feeling great and bonding with their kids.

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I followed Nicole's program consistently for 2 months and started seeing results only after 2 weeks...


Working Mom

I love that I can contact her anytime, day or night through phone/email as it allowed me to continue life normally without any extra appointments or time crunches...


New Mom

...Anytime one of my patients is a mother and is dealing with many issues with their bodies and health, I think of Nicole...

Dr. Zuleta

Integrative Medicine Physician

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