Make Room for Something Profound

People go to great lengths to search for happiness, enlightenment, meaning – something profound. But it’s not at the finish line of an Iron Man, or during a fast, or atop Mt. Everest, or in a 3-day silent meditation, any more than it is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

THIS MOMENT is profound. Whatever you’re doing right now can be deeply meaningful.

I bet you’re waiting for the “change your thinking, change your life” rant. Well, there is truth in that. But how do you change your thinking? Can you just fake it ’till you make it?

To a certain extent, yes. You also need deep introspection, preferably facilitated by someone experienced, and exposure to new ideas. But there’s one more thing.

Your mind is inexorably connected with your body. Take better care of your body and you might find yourself seeing more joy and meaning in everyday moments. That’s how it has always worked for me, and that is why gurus like Hal Elrod, Brian Rose, and Tony Robbins involve the body in their personal development training.

If you have never felt the changes in your mind that come from changes in your body this might sound like a bunch of fluff. How can a 10 minute run make THAT much of a difference? If you’re under pressure right now it might seem like everything else pushes it further and further down your to do list. Or maybe your problems are too big for such seemingly simple advice.

You have every right to be skeptical. I was. I first started working out only because, like many 17-year-old girls, I thought I was fat. But I hated it and I sucked at it. Fast forward to 2016: tragic death of my brother, divorce, new job in a new industry. As a mom I had no choice but to thrive. Guess what this former spastic, asthmatic, ice-cream-loving kid relied on to cope? I made it my priority to figure out how to take care of my body despite the obstacles I faced, including eating well, exercising, and sleeping – not perfectly, but enough.

This isn’t about perfectionism or proving something or expecting too much of yourself. It’s about being able to deal with whatever life throws at you – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Moreover, it’s about being able to remain grounded and centered when everything around you is chaotic. It’s about keeping a clear perspective rather than being swept away by emotion.

As your physical discomfort, exhaustion, anxiety, anger, and depression melt away, it leaves room for you to EXPERIENCE LIFE. That’s when something greater emerges: joy, meaning, clarity, enlightenment. Not instantly and not all the time, but in little glimpses that become more and more normal.

If you’re nodding along but not sure how it can possibly be feasible for you, know that you can begin seeing changes in just a few minutes a day, if you know how to use those few minutes. If you’re wondering what I’m smoking…well, I’m not above reminding you that swimsuit season is just four months away. That’s why I got started. Maybe you’ll be writing a post like this in a few years. ?

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Are you setting yourself up to thrive as a single parent?
When you take the quiz, you'll get our FREE report based on your answers and that include: -Your key areas to work on -Quick suggestions to improve each area.
Are you setting yourself up to thrive as a single parent?
When you take the quiz, you'll get our FREE report based on your answers and that include: - Your key areas to work on. -Quick suggestions to improve each area.